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Red wants to make sure that all you Young Reds are up to scratch on your horsey-care knowledge! Here's your chance to show him all you know! Red says that some of these questions are quite hard so you may need to search the web or have a look in a book to find the answers!
1. Which of these is poisonous to horses?

2. Is it true that donkeys need less care than horses?

3. Is it necessary for every horse to wear a rug in the winter?

4. Is it safe to let a pony become overweight?

5. What is the main reason for clearing the poo from your horse's field regularly?

6. You should groom a horse less often in the winter...

7. How often should a horse be seen by a farrier?

8. Should horses be kept apart from each other?

9. How many bones are there in the horse's skeleton?

10. If a horse is stabled how often should you muck out?