About Redwings

Did you know?

Redwings is currently the largest horse charity in the UK, and takes care of more than 1500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. That's a lot of mouths to feed!


All the horses live in natural herds with their friends and they only come and live in stables when they are poorly, so that the Redwings vet team can take care of them. We have all types of horses and ponies, from tiny Shetlands to huge Shires, and they need lots and lots of love and care.


Most Redwings residents have been rescued and some are very nervous or quite poorly as they've had a hard life. We treat them all as individuals and try to make sure they are happy and relaxed at all times.


You can adopt a Redwings horse, pony, donkey or mule! A year's adoption costs just £15 which goes directly towards the care of your new four-legged friend. Click here to learn more!


As well as the Redwings residents to take care of, we also have a Welfare team who give advice to horse owners around the UK and investigate cases where a horse may be being badly treated. We rescue around 200 new horses and ponies every year, and they all go to spend some time at our Reception Centre before being sent to one of our ten sites around the UK to live.


Redwings rehomes horses and ponies that are ready for a fulfilling life outside of the Sanctuary. Some of our residents that have been born here or have recovered from the problem that brought them to us are suitable for rehoming under our Guardianship scheme. Each one of our horses and ponies is assessed individually and the ones that are suitable are found loving new homes. We currently have around 500 horses and ponies in Guardian homes. Click here for more information about rehoming.


We have five visitor centres where you can go and find out more about Redwings and meet some of our residents. They are Caldecott (Norfolk), Aylsham (Norfolk), Ada Cole (Essex), Oxhill (Warwickshire), and Mountains (Scotland) and the best thing is, they are all free to get in!

Click here to find out more about visiting Redwings.

About Redwings