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Recent Questions

How is Dotty doing?

Dotty is doing well thank you for asking! She has been telling me she has some new donkey pals with her at Redwings Ada Cole - Jed, Snowy and Solomon. These boys have moved in to the paddock next door so she is enjoying getting to know them. Remember you can go visit Dotty every weekend Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.Tell her I said “Hello!” if you go!

(February 2020) 

How often can horses have food like carrots and apples? Also is there any other food you can feed horses that you can buy at a supermarket?

Oh I do love carrots and apples! However, I must not eat too many as that would make me feel ill and put on a lot of weight over time! They are a nice treat that my carers let me have every now and again just like sweets and chocolate for you humans. My friends and I do sometimes get polo mints or ginger biscuits (the donkeys especially love them!), kindly donated to us by supporters, but here at Redwings we love munching on yummy grass (and sometime hay) all day every day. 

If you are thinking of what food to give horses that do not belong to you speak to the owner to see what treats you may be allowed to get them. 

How did Redwings start?

Great question! Our story began with the rescue of a single pony called Sheba. She was rescued from a dealer and her recovery inspired the formation of the sanctuary in 1984, dedicated to saving horses from a life of fear and neglect. 

Are there any other animals other than, horses, donkeys and mules and Redwings?

Well firstly don’t forget about all the ponies at Redwings, you forgot to mention them! We also have a few hinnies, you can go see Molly at Redwings Mountains in Scotland. 

As we are specifically a horse Sanctuary what you see is what you get but all our sites provide great habitats for lots of wonderful wildlife so look out for other cute animals and insects when you next visit. If you got to Mountains in Scotland you may see red squirrels and you may find otters at Aylsham in Norfolk. How exciting!

Although, if you go to our Ada Cole Visitor Centre in Essex you may notice two goats! (Yes you read that right!)  Frappe and Latte have the super important job of helping keep the grass down in their own special paddock. You see, their paddock is close to sycamore trees, whose seeds can be poisonous to my friends but Frappe and Latte have stronger digestive systems so they are better suited in this paddock and will happily graze there.

Do you have any donkeys at Redwings?

Yes we do have donkeys at Redwings. All of our Visitor Centres have their own fantastic donkey herd and donkey Adoption Stars. You must go and say hello to my long-eared friends they love people visiting them.

To find your nearest visitor centre follow this link and to see who our amazing donkey Adoption Stars are follow this link

Who is your favourite horse at Redwings?

Oh that’s a tough question!

Although, my favourite resident at Redwings may not be a horse at all….they may be a donkey?! I would have to say Wings of course! Wings and I have always been together at Redwings and do everything together. Wings is my best friend and will always be my favourite <3