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Recent Questions

How is Tinkerbell and when is her birthday?

Tinkerbell is doing great, thank you for asking! I have heard she is enjoying living somewhere different this winter. She is living in the chalk barn and barn yard area which she thinks is great. When it’s been raining she thinks it’s really fun to get wet then go and roll in the chalk and try to trick people into thinking she is a white Shetland! Hehe that sounds like fun! I wonder how many people fell for it.

This year her birthday is Sunday 7th April and her party will start at 11:30am. She’ll be excited to see you there! 

What is life like at Redwings and is it fun?

It is great fun living at Redwings. My friends and I are so lucky to be here. We get to live out in the field paddocks to play and run around with each other every day and get lots of cuddles from the farm team when they come to check on us and feed us! We sometimes play with toys, chat over the fence to our neighbours and get visits from the local wildlife, so there’s lots for us to see and do all day, every day. Some of my friends live out at visitor centres so they get extra cuddles and scratches off the public when they visit them on the weekends. We have visitors centres in Norfolk, Warwickshire, Essex and Scotland that are open every Friday-Monday 10am-4pm so you will have to go and say hello for me. To find your nearest visitor centre follow this link

Do you have any animals named after the Wombles?

Great question! Currently we do not have any animals named after the Wombles. Although we love that idea and will remember that for the future. We often use themes to name our equines, to help us identify where they have come from and who with. For example we have the 'cheese' group featuring Wensley, Edam and Mozzarella, who you can find at our Oxhill site, in Warwickshire. We also have a 'pop-stars' group, featuring Beyonce, Madonna and Pink, who you can can visit at our Caldecott site, in Norfolk. 

Hi Red, How many horses do you have at Redwings Ada Cole and how many people does it take to care for them all?

What a good question! It took me some time to find out the answer...
The wonderful staff at Ada Cole currently look after 88 of my four-legged friends including seven cheeky donkeys. When you visit don't forget to say hello to my adoption star pals Del Boy and Tinkerbell! 
Looking after a horse is hard work and it takes ten members of staff to provide round the clock care! They don't all work at once though - you will normally see five of them at work while the rest have a well earned day off! 

How many horses do you have at Redwings?

The short answer is... lots! Redwings is the UK's largest horse sanctuary and has about 1,500 horses living at its sites across the UK, with another 500 living out in Guardian homes through the Sanctuary's rehoming scheme.
We don't have quite so many donkeys - there are about 65 living at Redwings, most of them in our mischievous donkey herd at Redwings Caldecott visitor centre in Norfolk.

Hi Red! I just wondered - what's your favourite food?

Hi, what a fab question to start the New Year with!
Most of the time, you'll find me grazing on tasty grass. Very occasionally, though, I'll get a treat, though I can't have them too often because they'd make my tummy too round! My favourite treat would be a nice crunchy carrot. They taste delish, and they've got vitamins and minerals too! Yum!