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Recent Questions

Did any of the horses from Caldecott get rehomed recently?

Hey there, 
Our Caldecott Visitor Centre has a fantastic rehoming facility and we're pleased to say many residents have gone on to find happy new homes, even just this year. So yes, horses have been rehomed from Caldecott recently :) 

How are Fox and Lady doing lately?

Hey there, 
Thanks to the two young reds for sending in these questions and checking in on my friends Fox and Lady. I thought I would answer your questions together because although they do not live together, Fox and Lady have been up to similar activities lately...
Both have been doing well on the lead rein. So they have been brushing up on their training with their carers practicing bein lead on a lead, similar to how we have to train dogs to walk nicely on leads! Sometimes my friends have to be lead around the site, for example if they're moving into a new field, so it's good to show their carers how well behaved they can be! 
(June 2021)

When is Redwings open again?

Wonderful to see you lovely lot are keen to come back and see us - we've missed you too! 
We are planning to reopen end of this month (Friday 30th April 2021) but please note some of our centres will have different opening times to normal. Get your parents/guardians to keep an eye on our social media channels and the news and views section of our website for updates on how to book time slots for which centres. See you soon! 

Is there any volunteering opportunities at Redwings? If so what age do I have to be?

Hey there!
Great question.
We do offer volunteering opportunities here at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. You can find out more by heading over to our main website: 
You have to be 18 years old or over to volunteer for us. 

How is Dotty doing?

Dotty is doing well thank you for asking! She has been telling me she has some new donkey pals with her at Redwings Ada Cole - Jed, Snowy and Solomon. These boys have moved in to the paddock next door so she is enjoying getting to know them. Remember you can go visit Dotty every weekend Monday-Friday 10am-4pm.Tell her I said “Hello!” if you go!

(February 2020) 

How often can horses have food like carrots and apples? Also is there any other food you can feed horses that you can buy at a supermarket?

Oh I do love carrots and apples! However, I must not eat too many as that would make me feel ill and put on a lot of weight over time! They are a nice treat that my carers let me have every now and again just like sweets and chocolate for you humans. My friends and I do sometimes get polo mints or ginger biscuits (the donkeys especially love them!), kindly donated to us by supporters, but here at Redwings we love munching on yummy grass (and sometime hay) all day every day. 

If you are thinking of what food to give horses that do not belong to you speak to the owner to see what treats you may be allowed to get them.