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13 September 2017

Back To School with Red's Shed: colours!

Hi, Red here!
As many of you are now back to school, I thought now would be a great opportunity for me to teach you a little about me and my horsey friends! Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin… 
Whether you’re completely new to the world of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, or you’re a bit of an expert, hopefully I might be able to help you learn something new.
So here we go with this week’s lesson… coat colours! Don’t worry, I won’t be testing you afterwards but if you like you can test your friends!
When you come along to see us at Redwings you will get to meet lots and lots of our four-legged friends who are a variety of colours. Here are the six most common ones that you can see at our visitor centres:
Bay horses have a brown body, but a black mane, tail and legs. If the horse appears to be dark brown, they are ‘dark bay’, and if they are light brown, they are ‘light bay’. This is the most common colour that you will see – Gulliver, who lives at our Aylsham visitor centre, is a very handsome example!
This is the second most common colour we have here at Redwings. Piebald horses have a mixture of black and white patches in their coat, with no regular pattern. Look out for Marmalade, a classic piebald and one of our Breakfast Club gang at our Oxhill Visitor Centre!
Skewbald horses have a very similar patterned coat to piebalds, but they have brown and white. Each skewbald has a unique pattern. Have a look at the picture of Victoria at Redwings Caldecott – doesn’t her coat look a little bit like a map of the world?
Did you know that if you see a horse that looks white, they are actually ‘grey’? Yes, this is quite confusing! The reason for this is that underneath their hair, the pigment of their skin is actually grey – so when you see Adoption Star Dylan at Redwings Oxhill, even though he looks white, we actually call him ‘grey’!
Here’s a fun fact to remember – there are very few truly black horses, and most are actually dark chestnut or dark bay. So how can we tell? True black horses have dark brown eyes, black skin, and their coats are completely black. Our very own ‘Black Beauty’, Maya, is a fine example. You can see her at Redwings Aylsham!
These horses are the same colour all over their bodies, either pale brown or dark ginger. They normally have a lighter-coloured mane or tail. Zippy, who you can see at our Ada Cole Visitor Centre is ‘chestnut’. Another fun fact for you: Suffolk Punches are never described as ‘chestnut’ – the word is spelt differently so they are ‘chesnut’!
There are lots of other wonderful colours to learn about too, including dun, appaloosa, palomino, roan and more! Find out more by downloading our fact sheet here. Why not print it out and bring it with you when you visit, and see how many colours you can spot?


06 September 2017

Back to School!

This week in England and Wales, it’s time to go back to school after the six-week summer holiday – although in Scotland, schools have been up and running again for the last three weeks. 
We thought we’d mark the occasion by going “back to school” here at Redwings, with Red (our mascot) as your teacher!
Over the next few weeks, watch out for our regular blogs where you’ll learn a bit more about our four-legged friends. If you’re new to horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, here at Redwings we’ll introduce you to the basics, like breeds, colours and patterns, so you can impress your friends and family when you come and see us at Redwings. And even if you’re a bit more experienced, you might find that you learn something new!
Keep an eye on this website as we go “back to school” over the coming weeks – and if you’re back at school this week, all the donkeys, horses and humans at Redwings wish you the best of luck and hope you have a brilliant time!


01 September 2017

Don't miss the new Young Reds and Mini Reds magazines!

The summer holidays are nearly over – boooo!
There is good news though, autumn is coming, and that means the new issues of Young Reds and Mini Reds will be arriving on your doorstep any day now!
Mini Reds is an activity book for supporters aged three to seven, packed full of stories, fun horsey games and puzzles. In the latest issue, we show you how to make your own horse stable – have some lollipop sticks handy!
Young Reds magazine is for those of you who are eight years and older. It has all the latest news from the Sanctuary plus quizzes, collectible fact files, competitions and loads more.
Inside the latest issue, you can have a go at making lots of arts and crafts, including a gorgeous horse necklace and a special horseshoe photo frame. Plus, find out all about our newest residents including baby Amos the donkey, who we know you will fall in love with!
There’s also a quiz to find out how much you know about our Adoption Stars, and there’s another recipient of the Bravest Resident Award. 
Finally, you can get a sneak preview of our brand-new learning zone called Red’s Shed, which you can find out about before anyone else!
Not yet getting your copy of Mini Reds or Young Reds? They are both completely free to receive. Click here to make sure that you get yours!


23 August 2017

More Summer Club fun at Redwings Aylsham!

Our Redwings Summer Club continued at the weekend, and at our Aylsham visitor centre in Norfolk lots of you spent time learning how to look after our long-eared friends… the donkeys!
Do you know what the main differences are between donkeys and horses? There are a few to watch out for. For instance, we learned that if it’s raining, we need to give them a warm rug or a dry shelter, because donkey’s coats don’t contain any oils to make them waterproof. Luckily, the sun was shining this weekend!
We also discovered the kind of food that donkeys like to eat, and as you can see from the picture everyone had a go at putting some lunch together for our friends Wiggins and Wacko!
If you came along to the Summer Club at the weekend, it was great to see you and we hope you had fun. There’s still time to come and join us over the next couple of weeks – find out what’s happening this weekend at your local Redwings visitor centre by clicking on the links below.
(Note: the Summer Club at Redwings Mountains has now finished because the children are back to school in Scotland. However, our other summer activities will continue until Monday 4th September - click here to find out more!)