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27 November 2017

Red's Shed: Redwings Records!

Hello, it’s Red here, Redwings’ horsey mascot!
Have you ever come to see my friends here at Redwings and wondered who was the oldest, the tallest, or maybe which horse has the longest name? Well, after putting hooves to computer keyboard I’ve got all the answers!
Who’s the tallest resident at Redwings?
It looks like my pal and retired Adoption Star Major, who lives at Oxhill, is the tallest resident at Redwings. He’s a huge 17.3 hands high, which is about 175cm - the size of a grown-up!
Don’t forget that when our carers measure us, they only measure us to our withers (the shoulders) so Major’s head towers above everybody else – he really is very tall!
Even Major’s height isn’t a patch on the tallest ever horse, whose name is Big Jake – he stands at a whopping 20.6 hands high, which is well over two metres tall. That means that his shoulders are well above the height of an average man!
The tallest Adoption Star at Redwings is Fox, who’s very nearly as tall as Major at 17.1 hands high. You can find out more about him and help my carers look after horses just like him here!
Who’s the shortest resident at Redwings?
It’s definitely not me! There’s actually quite a bit of competition here: Edam, Yogi, Aurora, Beau and Josh are all measured at 6.0 hands high, which is just over 60cm. This isn’t much bigger than the average baby! Teeny Tucker, whose column you can read in Young Reds magazine, is 6.2 hands high.
The shortest Adoption Star is Baby Face Nelson from the Gangsters, who’s 7.2 hands high. His other friends (Ronnie, Dusty, Fred, Patch and Reggie) are all taller than him - awwww!
The smallest horse in the world is 16-year-old Thumbelina. She’s only 4.2 hands high, which is 43cm. When you were born, you were taller than that!
Who’s the oldest resident at Redwings?
Victor, a Shetland pony at Redwings Mountains, is an amazing 44 years old, and he’s looking pretty good for his age too! It’s really hard to work out what that is in human years, but my Redwings friends think that’s roughly 125. If he was a human, that would make him the oldest person in the world!
The oldest Adoption Star is Dolly who lives at Ada Cole. She was born in 1995 which makes her 22 years old.
The oldest horse ever known was a horse called Old Billy, who was born in 1760. He lived for 62 years, so Victor’s got some way to go yet!
Which horse has the longest name at Redwings?

This was a hard one for me to figure out but after some time putting hoof to keyboard I’ve worked out that it’s Strawberry Shortcake, who has 19 letters in her name! You can visit her at Redwings Ada Cole. She really is very pretty, as you can see from the picture!
Which horse has the shortest name at Redwings?

I thought it might be me as my name is only three letters long, but no! There are a few residents whose names only contain two letters. These are cob Jo, mini Shetland Io, Belgium Draft JJ and Welsh Cross Mo. They all live at our Sanctuary.
Have you got a burning question for Red? Do you want to find out more about any of Redwings’ residents, or about what goes on behind the scenes? You can ask Red any question you like, and he’ll do his best to answer it! Click here to ask your question!


21 November 2017

Redwings is a chosen charity!

Everyone at Redwings would love to say a massive ‘thank you’ to Greville House, one of the four houses at Warwick Preparatory School, who has chosen to support us as one of their charities of the year!
They’re going to organise events during this school year to raise money for Redwings, including a big whole-school event where every pupil will be involved. That will be huge! 
If that wasn’t enough, we’re really excited that the school’s Equestrian Club is also sponsoring one of our Adoption Stars at Redwings Oxhill. They’ve made a brilliant choice in adopting adorable Arya, the fluffiest donkey in town! Did you know that she’s a part-bred Poitou – a very rare breed of which there are only 400 left in the world?!
Thank you so much for all your support, and if you’re raising money for Redwings, we would love to hear from you! If you’ve been a fab fundraiser, write to us at Young Reds, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Hapton, Norwich, NR15 1SP or email [email protected].


16 November 2017

Back to School with Red's Shed: what is the Redwings Adoption Scheme?

Hi, Red here!

Remember last week when I was talking about what’s involved in owning a horse? It’s really rewarding but definitely not easy, and you need to be really dedicated to our care as we take up a lot of time, space and money.

If you think that you’re not quite ready for a horse or pony, but you reeeeally want one for Christmas, my pals at Redwings have come up with something very clever!

You can sponsor one of our horses in the Redwings Adoption Scheme for just £15 for a whole year. We’ll look after your four-legged friend, and you get to come and say ‘hi’ to them as much as you like during our visitor centre opening times – so need to worry about checking in on them very early in the morning and after school every day (phew)!

You also get lots of goodies when you sponsor a Redwings Adoption Star, including a special Friendship Card, and an adoption pack with a photo and swanky certificate that you can put up at home! You also get updates through the post on what’s going on with your friend and a special invitation to your Adoption Star’s birthday party!

Plus, you get special access online to your pal’s online diary – with loads of photos, videos and blogs about their life at Redwings! How cool is that?! And what a great idea for a Christmas present!

If you click here you can meet our special Adoption Stars – including Rumpel here, who’s always pleased to see you when you come to our visitor centre at Oxhill! Of course, whoever you choose, you can come to visit them for free whenever we’re open. We can’t wait to see you soon!


06 November 2017

Back to School with Red's Shed: what's involved in owning a horse?

Hi, Red here!

When you come and visit me and my friends at Redwings, have you ever thought that you’d quite like to own your very own horse or pony? Or perhaps, you’ve decided that you want one for Christmas?!

Well, woah there… stop a minute! Before you can even think about owning a four-legged friend there is an awful lot to think about – we are very hard work and can take up a lot of time that, when it’s cold, you might want to spend indoors, or when it’s sunny you might want to spend with your friends!

You really need to love horses like me an awful lot to own one. We aren’t creatures that can be forgotten about at Christmas – we like getting presents too! Also, if you don’t like early mornings owning a horse probably isn’t for you. Every day of the year, in the very early morning and after school we will need attention, so it really is a big time commitment!

You’ll also need to enjoy getting your hands a bit dirty! You’ll probably have noticed that horses poo a lot when you come to see us at Redwings – and it doesn’t clear itself! Ewwww! You’ll need to make sure that you clear up the poo and also muck out their stables every day, which isn’t always fun, especially when it’s cold and raining!

Do you have much space for a horse at home? We like to roam about and so we need plenty of it! Did you know that horses, on average, need at least an acre of land to live in? If you don’t know how big an acre is, imagine putting a massive 150 cars together in one space. That’s a pretty big area!

I reckon you’ve probably already guessed that it costs a lot of money to own a horse. You might think that buying a horse might be the most expensive thing, but actually normally it isn’t – there’s the other equipment that you might need, like tacks and rugs, and then there’s the ongoing costs, like feeding, worming, a farrier (to look after the horse’s feet), a horse dentist, vaccinations, and more. It costs thousands of pounds a year to own a horse, and that’s without any emergency fees if your pal needs a horsey doctor!  

As you can see there is a LOT involved in looking after a horse so you really do have to think very carefully about whether owning a horse is right for you. It’s a really big responsibility and you need to be prepared to really commit to it! 

If you want to find out more about what it’s really like to own a horse, come and ask one of the lovely Redwings people next time you’re here. They will be really happy to tell you lots more!

Decided you’re not yet ready for a horse but still wish you could own one? Join the Redwings Adoption Scheme! You can get your cuddle fix and come and visit them – and it’s a great way to make a furry new best friend, and help us look after horses and donkeys too! For a donation of £15 a year, your pal will send you an adoption certificate, and regular photos and updates of what they’ve been up to, as well as an invite to their birthday party! Find out more at www.redwings.org.uk/adopt.