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24 January 2020

New Year New Me!

Hey Friends,
Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! How’s the start of your 2020 going? Like many of you I would like to make some New Year’s resolutions! Firstly, I need to stop eating all the carrots and keep an eye on my figure! My carers say I’ll get a big belly and make myself ill by eating too many! It will be hard to cut down as they’re just so yummy but I will give it a try! 
Secondly, I must keep you more up to date with the goings on in the Sanctuary! I am so busy catching up with my friends but I must remember to write it all down and share it with you, as I’m sure you’d love to know what we get up to! I’m thinking of starting ‘Fab Fridays’ where I share some news, stories and facts with you…on Fridays of course!  What do you think? How about we try starting today…?
Let’s start with a #CuteFridayPhoto. Today’s social media star is Minnie from Redwings Mountains in Forfar, Scotland. As you can see she’s running around excited to tell all her friends that it’s Burns Night tomorrow! Did you know she’s one of our amazing Adoption Stars? Do any of you adopt Minnie and receive lovely updates from her? 
Minnie came to Mountains with her foal, Mouse, in 2011 after they were rescued from Ireland. You can easily spot Minnie by her brown and white coat (that colouring is called skewbald) and pretty face markings. You can see Minnie, Mouse and the rest of the donkey herd on the weekends (Fridays – Monday 10am-4pm) and if you want more information about how to adopt Minnie ask a parent or guardian to look at our main website: https://www.redwings.org.uk/adopt/make-a-new-friend/minnie
Speak soon
Love Red xxx 


31 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

Hi Friends, 
I hope your day is full of treats and not tricks on this spooky day! 
Did you know that I’ve already been tricked once today? I hope I don’t get tricked anymore! I was told there was a new horse called Welbeck at our Caldecott Visitor Centre in Norfolk so I thought I would go over an introduce myself. As I got closer I realised… IT WAS NOT A REAL HORSE?! It’s a life-size wire sculpture of a horse! Everyone thought it was so funny how confused I was and I looked very silly! So next time you visit Caldecott don’t be fooled!
Caldecott has this fantastic sculpture that has been modelled by talented artist Connie Adam (pictured) to look like my old friend and much loved Adoption Star Welbeck who lived at Redwings many years ago. Did you know she used 6000m of wire to create him? Isn’t that amazing?
Welbeck arrived at Redwings in 1990 after a busy career as a Police horse. Working with the Police meant he was used to visitors so he was incredibly friendly and loved seeing his wonderful supporters. He lived happily at the Sanctuary for thirteen years. This sculpture is a lovely way to remember him. 
The amazing sculpture of Welbeck is classed as a new resident so they were not wrong about that part! He has pride of place in his very own paddock which will soon be home to Caldecott’s new beautiful Memory Garden. I can’t wait to see it all flower in the spring and hear what you think when it’s all finished. 
Hmm... As it is Halloween, I wonder if Connie would make me a human sculpture so I can try and trick my human friends like they did me…Hehe! Too late for that? Oh well, maybe I’ll think of a good trick next year! 


26 September 2019

Meet our new Adoption Stars!

Hey everyone, Red here!
Join me in saying a massive congratulations to my friends Noah, Lily, Dotty and Lady on becoming Adoption stars this summer! These ‘fab four’ have shown they’ve got what it takes to take on the role of a Redwings ambassador and can’t wait to be your friend! Let me introduce you….
At Redwings Caldecott in Norfolk, meet Noah the mule. He came to the Sanctuary in 2010 with his pony pal, as sadly their owner was struggling to care for them. Having lived at Caldecott for many years Noah is a favourite of many already. He always tells me how many people like to come visit him and his friends!  
Super sweet Lily is a dapple grey pony also living at Caldecott. Lily can’t wait to represent Redwings and make new friends just like you! She came to Redwings in 2013 from another organisation who were struggling to find homes for her and her friends. Once at Redwings, Lily was going through training to become a Guardian pony but problems with her hooves meant she could not continue. However, the team thought she would make a great Adoption Star so she joined the scheme earlier this year.
Dotty the donkey will be learning from the best, my cheeky donkey pal Del Boy, about what it takes to become an Adoption Star. With Del Boy retiring from the scheme this year Dotty was honoured to be chosen to be on the scheme and get some great tips from him. Dotty has only been with us a year after being rescued last February and is the newest donkey to join the Adoption Scheme. She told me she’s very excited and can’t wait for her birthday celebrations this weekend. 
Finally we mustn’t forget about magnificent Lady, a Shire horse at Redwings Oxhill in Warwickshire. Little Lady may be young at two years old but certainly is not small. At 15hh she’s a big horse already and still has lots of growing to do! Lady was rescued with her mum and 17 other Shires in 2017 and they’re all named after types of butterfly (aww!). We can’t wait to see this filly grow into a beautiful horse and create lots of lovely memories with you and her friends. 
If you would like to find out more information about adopting my friends ask a parent or guardian to look at our adoption page (https://www.redwings.org.uk/adoption) or ask the team at the Visitor Centre when you go to see them. Don’t forget you can read their stories in the latest Young Reds and Mini Reds magazines too which are out now! 


24 July 2019

School's out for summer!

Hi friends,
The summer fun in Mountains, Scotland is well under way and my four-legged friends have loved seeing you all and helping out with the Summer Club there. Now it’s time for our English centres to join in the fun too! 
As always the amazing teams at Redwings have got lots planned for you over the summer holidays from pony grooming and meet and greets, to guided talks and birthday parties! Psst….If you’re planning on going to Oxhill in Warwickshire, Ada Cole in Essex or Caldecott in Norfolk you’ll also get the chance to meet our new adoption stars - but more on that another day! 
Take a look with your parents or guardians to see all the fun and games you could get up to at a Visitor Centre near you:
And that’s not all….just like Mountains, the other Visitor Centres will be holding Summer Club too which starts on 26th July. Remember to take part you need a parent or guardian to book in advance for you and sessions cost £3. Here’s the link for more information: https://www.redwings.org.uk/news-and-views/summer-club-2019
Don’t forget you can let me know what you’ve been up to at Redwings this summer by sending in your pictures, drawings, poems and stories to Young Reds, Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Hapton, Norfolk, NR15 1SP or email [email protected]