What's happening

19 May 2017

Norwich Primary Academy’s super seven-year-olds help out at Redwings Aylsham!

This week, 50 Year Two school children came to Redwings Aylsham for the day to learn more about Redwings and the work we do. They also got stuck in and helped our farm team with some very important jobs! 
The day kicked-off with the group meeting horsey mascot Red, who loved all the extra attention! The other horses, ponies and donkeys at Aylsham also wanted to say hi so the group went off on a tour of the site.  
Adoption Stars Wiggins and Wacko were on hand to help us explain the differences between horses and donkeys, the cheeky Gangsters enjoyed a tickle, and the group also got to meet Amigo and Owl, two very special residents who need extra care at Redwings. 
The real work started after lunch when the energetic students gave our team a helping hand with some jobs on the farm. They made up some hay nets, cleaned out the water troughs and even poo picked our big horse field! 
The whole group was such a massive help and everyone worked really hard to get their jobs done – we think they secretly enjoyed all the poo picking! Thanks very much guys! You can come back any time to give our team a well-deserved break!  


05 May 2017

We say goodbye to a beautiful horse and best friend.

We’re so sorry to share the sad news with you that our stunning Shire horse Gemma passed away recently. Gemma was the best friend of Adoption Star Poppy and their special friendship captured our hearts for years. 
The pair looked so similar they looked like twins and became inseparable. Gemma was the more confident of the pair and she helped bring the formerly shy Poppy out of her shell and settle into life at the Sanctuary after she lost her mum.
Sadly, Gemma was suffering from incurable lameness and, even though our vets did everything they could, they were unable to make her feel better and the heart-breaking decision was made to put her to sleep.
We’re sure Poppy will always miss Gemma but we have introduced her to a new companion called Tianna, a very sweet horse, and the pair have been getting on very well.   
Poppy will hopefully be returning to Redwings Caldecott very soon, so if you do go and visit make sure you give her plenty of extra cuddles!


20 April 2017

Donkey foal Amos is growing up fast!

Back in February we welcomed a gorgeous donkey family to Redwings, including adorable Amos, a two-week-old foal. 
When Amos first arrived he had to be carried from the horse box into his stable where he was soon playfully jumping in the shavings – so cute! 
Since their arrival the whole family have settled in really well. Click here to see Amos being turned out on grass for the first time! 
Amos is very friendly and playful – his favourite thing to do is to roll around in puddles every time his water bucket is emptied! His dad Jeremiah is very chatty, you can hear him braying from the other side of the farm!
The whole family are currently living at Redwings HQ, but they will hopefully be able to join a donkey herd at one of our visitor centres in the near future where you will be able to meet them and enjoy lots of donkey cuddles!


11 April 2017

Donkeys on tour!

Adoption Stars Timothy and Cain have been very busy boys! 

On International Carrot Day last week the pair visited their local Sainsbury’s to meet supporters and promote our carrot appeal. A member of the team made our donkey duo an amazing donkey pizza and there were even some slices left for our other donkeys at Redwings Oxhill.

An amazing £116 was raised by the team and shoppers, and the lucky residents at Oxhill got a delicious bag of carrots! 

The fun didn’t stop there for Timothy and Cain as on Sunday they were out and about again. The boys had a fab time taking part in a Palm Sunday parade at a local church. 

Now back at Redwings Oxhill we’re still keeping the pair busy with all our Easter holiday activities - it’s a good job these two love the attention!