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01 May 2020

Happy National Space Day!

Hey friends,
Happy #FabFriday and happy 1st day of the month! Can you believe it’s May already?! I hope you’re all still keeping safe and well during this uncertain time. My buddies and I are still under the watchful eye of our amazing carers so we are doing just fine :).  
Today is also ‘National Space Day’ so I thought what a great time to introduce you to some of my friends named after the wonders of space. Meet cute mother-daughter duo Neptune and Mercury.  Not only are they the stars of my blog, they are also our social media #HoovesOfHappiness stars today <3. 
Neptune was rescued after she and her friends Saturn and Jupiter were found underweight and in poor condition. The love, care and attention from Redwings staff meant she’s turned into a beautiful, happy and healthy young lady, don’t you agree? And sweet Mercury, who was born here at the Sanctuary, is also growing up to be a gorgeous pony.
Rumour has it that Neptune is undergoing training to be a rehoming pony - how wonderful that she has the opportunity to go out into a new home with a new, loving Guardian, I am so pleased for her! Let’s wish her well with her training and hope she can find a happy home soon. 
What a lovely bit of news to share with you this #FabFriday. I hope that’s put a smile on your face, it certainly has on mine. 
Take care my friends
Love Red xxx 


24 April 2020

Moses the supermodel!

Hello my friends,
First of all who is going to confess they’ve had too much chocolate this Easter? I may have had one too many carrots myself! 
Anyway…onto this week’s #FabFriday blog! Today I want to talk to you about my buddy Moses. Some of you may recognise this handsome chap from local events in Norfolk and Suffolk as he and his bestie Dhansak are some of our amazing education ponies who have the important job of attending local shows, meeting their fans and raising awareness of our work.
Moses was born at Redwings in 2006 after his mum Ruth was rounded up from common land in Lincolnshire with many other horses and ponies. The group was split into smaller ones and named after the following themes: Biblical characters, Cheeses and Curries! As you may have guessed Moses was named within the Bible group. 
Who knew that, now all grown up, Moses would be a model! Moses is now the famous face of Spillers (a horse feed company) and their HAPPY HOOF horse feed. Just look at his picture, doesn’t he look so handsome and professional? 
Moses is very laid back so that made him the perfect candidate for when the Spillers team came to Redwings with a professional photographer to turn him into a modelling superstar! Our carers gave him a wonderful groom and took him on a tour of the studio which had been set up in one of our barns so he could get used to the lights and camera. Moses was a true professional and didn’t bat an eyelid; he thoroughly enjoyed his moment in the spotlight!
How exciting is that? Do you think if I speak to Moses nicely he’ll teach me a few modelling tips so I can be a superstar too? Maybe I should start practicing!
See if you can spot Moses on the packs of feed or in their magazine adverts!  
Have a great weekend!
Love Red xxx


10 April 2020

More 'Young Reds At Home Academy' for you this Easter!

Hi there friends!
Hope you’re all still keeping well since we last spoke. 
Have you been enjoying our ‘Young Redwings At Home Academy’? What have you done so far? Those horse biscuits look yummy but I don’t think they’d be very good for me! I’ll just have to ask my carers for a delicious carrot instead! 
If you have not had a go and would like more fun and educational activities to do at home, then just click on the link in the blog below to access our first load of activity packs from this series. 
For those of you that have been enjoying our Young Reds activities, and have possibly even finished them all, this #FabFriday, I am delighted to announce that we have an egg-cellent Easter activity pack for you – ‘Donkey Expert’. For those of you that are new to the ‘Young Reds At Home Academy’ you can still have a go at this donkey-themed fun too! Usually at this time of year my friends and I get excited to welcome you to the Visitor Centres to take part in our ‘We Love Donkeys’ Easter holiday activities but in light of the current circumstances we all have to stay safe and stay home. Therefore we are bringing the donkey fun and madness to you – design a Redwings themed Easter egg, complete our ‘Donkey Dash’ quiz sheet and much more! Just like the others, this pack comes with an activity sheet and certificate and don’t forget to share your amazing creativity with us! To get access to this special pack follow the link to this blog to get started: https://www.redwings.org.uk/news-and-views/easter-online-activities
Before I go I just wanted to say if you want to see daily cute pictures, stories and/or videos to help cheer you up and keep you smiling through this uncertain time, then check out our social media channels with a parent or guardian for our amazing #HoovesofHappiness daily pick-me-ups. I hope seeing cute pictures of my friends everyday will help keep you day bright <3. 
Take care my friends and speak soon. 
Love Red xxx 


24 March 2020

Young Reds At Home Academy!

Hey friends!
I know what you’re thinking, ‘But Red, it’s not Fab Friday so why are you posting so early in the week?’ Well, my friends I have such exciting news for you that I just couldn’t wait until Friday and have to tell you now! 
I think we can all agree it’s been a crazy few weeks and I do hope you, your friends and family are all keeping safe and well. My friends and I are so lucky to still have the amazing care teams to look after us so we are keeping well ourselves. With the sudden closing of schools we wanted to make sure you have plenty of fun things to do. So let me present to you the fantastic ‘Young Reds At Home Academy’!
With my pal, Adoption Star Cookie being the face of this new, fun project we have collected and created lots of fun-themed activities for you to get stuck in to! From crafting, to colouring and baking to problem solving there’s something for everyone. We currently have 4 themes for you to choose from:
'Horsing Around’ – Imagine you are part of the Redwings team and help us with some of the things we do to look after our rescued residents.
Let’s Get Quizzy!’ – What do you know about horses and Redwings already? Take the quizzes to find out! 
Things to Make and Do’ – We’ve put together a selection of craft activities to keep you busy! 
Quiet Time’ – A variety of activities to choose from if you want a bit of a ‘chill out’. 
Do one, do some or complete all! It’s entirely up to you, we just hope you have lots of fun taking part <3 
We have a special record sheet for you to keep track of what you’ve been up to and certificates to celebrate your achievements. 
With a parent/guardian follow this link to our main website where you can download and print all you need to get started https://www.redwings.org.uk/news-and-views/young-reds-at-home-academy. Remember they can send us your amazing work by emailing at [email protected] and/or tag us in their social media pictures. 
I hope you have lots of fun and I can’t wait to see what you get up to.
Take care my friends <3
Love Red xxx